DearJackrabbit #37 — Relish These Days

Dear Jackrabbit,

I was going to write about the days leading up to your birth, but, to be honest, I’m super busy these days and, on top of that, I should try to take it easy for a little bit. Dear old dad done broke himself a bit in that he’s saddled with an upper back injury. It’s happened before–not in a while, though–and will likely happen again.

It happens.

So it’s pain killers, cold and heat compresses, special exercises, and generally trying to be a little easy on that part of the body. It will pass eventually. And I’m going to try my best not to be grumpy about it and try my best not to let it interfere with our “us” time. Still, if you’re going to play “Hop on Pop” I’d appreciate it if you did it more on my left side than my right.

Thanks. You’re a good boy.

So, whats up?

Tough life, eh?I mean…can someone have too many toys?

Meh, the usual. Focusing a lot on work so we can pay them never-ending bills. Your mother has her day job and her freelance clients. I’m working on a bunch of different projects all at once. Some film journals, a book of plays by Jules Verne (look him up), a trivia book about old-time radio, a collection of interviews with famous writers, a book about Harvey Comics, and probably something else I’m forgetting.

I’ve also more personal projects going on–mostly writing-oriented. I have a couple of short stories I’m in the middle of editing, a longer piece I’m mapping out, some non-fiction pieces, and some game writing. All of these may earn some money at some point, but right now the focus is on the freelance work that’s a guaranteed paid. I’ve got a few art projects in mind, but those will have to wait their turn.

So there’s that. I’ve got some yard work to do which is going to have a to wait a few days. It’s Sunday and there are chores–laundry and shopping, for instance–that will need to be addressed.

So, what are you doing right now?

You’re sitting happily in your Pak ‘n Play watching a musical video about a baby shark.

Good for you, son. Relish this time. I know we do.

Despite all of the work and whatnot your mother and I have to take of, we’re both very happy that you can be a baby, that you can be a child and not have to worry about things. Our mission is to make sure that lasts as long as possible and we don’t mind a single bit.

And no matter how busy we get, between us we will always make sure we have time for you, to spend with it.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

So enjoy these years, boy.

We will as well.

All my love,


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John is a proud geek and nerd, a publisher, a freelancer, and a new dad. He's into books, gaming, and music. He's a good cook, a passing musician and artist, and terrible fisherman. The biggest thing in his life right now is being a new dad and he has started a blog all about that. Visit for more on that. Also visit for word on publishing projects.
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