Dear Jackrabbit #42 — Internet Parenting?

Dear Jackrabbit,

I’m behind schedule again.

Call me lazy if you want. I won’t deny it. Well, actually, I will deny it. I’m being far from lazy. I’m just being hugely busy. That said… I’m going to cheat just a little bit and rely on the internet to do most of the work for me today.

First up… a webcomic from This is one of my all-time favorite webcomics. I’ve been reading it since around 2002. It’s first comic was wholly inappropriate as far as being “kid-friendly” goes, but after 15 some-odd years, its creator has created a webcomic that’s turning into a surprisingly good family-friendly comic.

I don’t know who is more surprised–the creator, or his readers.

Here is today’s comic which, apropos, touches on the subject of parenthood and spouts forth an absolute truth.

Speaking of webcomics, I’ve recently been digging one called Fowl, not foul. The main characters are all depicted as ducks. You, my boy, probably will not appreciate it as much as your mother and I do. To be honest, you kids are the the source of the humor–even maybe the butt of the jokes. It’s okay, though. All in good fun, and you’ll have a kid one day yourself. You’ll see why it’s funny… eventually.

Finally, this last one isn’t a webcomic. I’m on a Facebook group for new dads and this little thing popped up recently. It’s a great example of great parenting, and the kind of parenting I want to be a part of. Wish me luck.

And that’s it for now, buddy. I’ve got a lawn to weed whack. I’ve got a film journal to finish up. I have a writing project (paid, which is nice) to finish. Edits to a TV book to tackle, and a new layout to flesh out. Oh, I should probably pick up the kitchen, too.

All my love. See you when you get back from church.



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