About This Blog

sleepingduo2In crass terms, this is a “daddy blog”. As the term “mommy blog” has fell into a bit of disfavor, I think I’d object a little to this being called a “daddy blog”, but at the same time I acknowledge that this is a blog about being a new dad.

So there you go.

To describe this site in a more wordy fashion, I would say that this is a regularly updated website in which I expound upon various topics related to parenthood (not just fatherhood), and share thoughts, feelings, observations, and such regarding my personal experience as a new father.

I am also going to be sharing personal letters to my newborn son.

My aim is to update this site at least three times a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be posts, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, about parenthood and my experiences and observations. I may even share some pictures fashioned into a meme format. Sundays will be the “Dear Jackrabbit” post in which I write a letter to the boy about experiences, family, and some fatherly advice.

Be forewarned, I think I’m an amusing fellow, so there will be times when I am writing with a bit of cheek.

What you will not find here will be boring posts about how much Jack spit up today, or isn’t-my-child-adorable/smart/talented/etc. I am going to try and keep each post either thoughtful, informative, or entertaining. In other words, I hope you will enjoy coming to this site to read these words and not just out of some sense of personal obligation.

Although I’ll take what I can get.

So why do this?

I had already formed the idea of a series of essays called “Dear Jack” months ago, but have been super busy in avoiding all of the preparation around the house for our new addition. Now that Jack is here, and the bills are piling up quicker than the diaper supply, I’ve decided to go for a Patreon-style website instead. I may, in time, collect the “Dear Jackrabbit” essays and try to flog them off to some publisher, but for now I’m keeping this personal, and readily available online.

You might have noticed the Patreon and Paypal links off to the side. While this is not a pay site, and nearly all content is freely available, your support is appreciated to keep it going. For more information, visit our Support Jackrabbit.com page.

There may be changes made here now and then as we tweak stuff. Feedback is always welcome. Visit our Contact page for information on how to get a hold of us.

So welcome to this site, and thank you for visiting. You can learn more about us at the About Us link above. If you’ve already visited that page, then feel free to check out some of the posts.