About Us


We’re the new parents. And the new baby.

moiTo start off, I’m the dad–the creator of this site and the one who is most likely to be updating. I turn 50 in January, which makes me older than a typical new dad. It’s an interesting age, I think, to start on the road to fatherhood, but there you go. I work freelance in the publishing industry which means I get to work with a lot of interesting people and I get to work from home. My hours are a bit odd, but it’s work out well in dealing with the mercurial schedule of a newborn.

I run a small publishing company called The Merry Blacksmith Press which features a lot of genre fiction and nonfiction. Most of my freelance work involves preparing books and journals–most often on film and media related subjects–for press. I think to date I’ve put together well over two thousand publishing projects. (And yes, I am available to work freelance for you if you’re so interested. Details can be found here.) In addition to publishing, I also write a bit and have published a number of short stories, poems, reviews, and articles in various pro markets.

The mom is a good deal younger than I and works in the field of social work–a much underappreciated and underfunded field in my opinion. She is basically a superhero. I am in constant awe of her and her work and know that it’s not something I could ever handle doing myself. Kudos to her.

The mom (who I shall refer to in these pages as “M”) probably won’t be writing much here, but she’s more than welcome to do a guest post as she’d like.

We’re both geeks (or nerds, if you prefer). We like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man…the whole pop culture wonderland. We’re also fans of gaming–from boardgames and electronic games to tabletop RPGs. We’re avid readers of science fiction and often attend SF conventions in the northeast. Our son will be joining us. He already has his Doctor Who onesie broken in.

brandnewAnd there is Jack. Or Jackrabbit, if you prefer. Or John Eric Reilly Teehan. He’s the star of the show.